Hello World!

Isn’t that how every basic instruction on programming starts you with? I thought I’d start with something simple here, and hopefully move on to more interesting and exciting things in this space. Because this is a personal site rather than a company site, I intend to cover things that interest me. The topics you will find here may range from interesting web techniques I’ve found online to professional insights on a given subject, to personal thoughts on what may be going on in my life or the world. Whatever the topic may be, I hope it is of some use or interest to someone out there. So here we go!

What sort of things might you find here? Well, from my front page you may assume that I’ll talk a bit about Marketing Automation and Marketing in general. I’ve been part of the MA landscape since 2009 and have a few insights in to what works well, and what falls flat. I’ve also been learning and using CSS/HTML on a regular basis since about 2004 (that doesn’t count the horrible basic HTML attempts in the 1990’s). I constantly find new ways of doing things and interesting approaches to common questions. I’ll share those as much as I can.  Finally, I’m a gamer at heart. I grew up reading books and novels above the level of others my same age. This gave me an appreciation for the journey of the story and that has translated into a love for the stories that drive video games. Maybe one day I’ll write a book… or maybe just a blog. 🙂