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About Me

Originally from Utah, I moved out to Georgia in 2002 to work for Sister’s Gourmet. I fell in love with the area and a girl and decided to make Georgia my home.

I have strong technical, training, and managerial skills that help me succeed in whatever type of business I choose. Beyond Marketing Automation I have worked in support, production, sales, design, construction and warehousing. I know how a project starts and ends, and I know how to see it through the entire process of development so the outcome is as spectacular as the idea.

I have worked hard on developing the skills required for each job. I learn quickly and expand my knowledge beyond what is expected. Many times, I have implemented solutions to problems by researching various resolutions. I like to do a job right the first time, watching the project grow from a mere idea developing into a true masterpiece. I resolve differences or problems with level-headed thinking and negotiation.

I have a strong sense of right and wrong and strive to do the right thing at all times. I take pride in the fact that I am honest, dependable and trustworthy – traits that are seemingly uncommon in the world today.

I want to be a hard-working valuable asset to a company who appreciates high moral standards and a down-to-earth perspective that the sky is the limit.

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