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Marketing Messages

Not all messaging is created equally. It is vital to know what to say, when to say it, and to whom it should be addressed. Proper segmentation, copy, and design help carry your message more effectively. I have helped customers:

  • Design attractive and engaging email campaigns
  • Organize their copy in a presentable layout (minimizing “spammy” characteristics)
  • Create intelligent Nurturing programs
  • Build Landing Pages that convert visitors

User Experience

From first impressions to product champions, the path a customer follows depends largely on how well they feel when using your product. Beyond the interface, does the customer know they are important to your organization? To help foster a positive User Experience I have:

  • Set appropriate expectations for product development
  • Dealt honestly with customer concerns
  • Translated customer requirements into product features
  • Championed cutomer requests for product improvements

Customer Success

Nobody is pleased when a customer churns. Helping customers succeed with the business decisions they have made is key to keeping them around and building partnerships that last. Customer Success has many components.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service allows you to help a customer with their immediate needs. When you make them a priority, they will continue to do business with you. I have been able to help customers understand the products that I represent through:

    • Face to Face interactions with the customer
    • Phone support
    • Email support
    • Interactive Ticket systems, allowing tracking of issues and feedback.
  • Project Management

    Managing a project well is more than just organization. Having a passion for your product helps instill confidence in the consumer. A confident consumer will recommend you to other potential clients.

    As part of my project management experience I have been able to oversee several projects at once. I have directed projects from concept to implementation, and I have the ability to provide hands-on development of code and layout based on the needs of the project. Having a working knowledge of all the skills and limitations of each group or individual on a team has helped me manage projects more effectively.

    My project management skills include:

    • Collaborating with customers todefine project specifications
    • Coordinating with designers on project detials
    • Building proposed layouts/content for site (as needed)
    • Gathering customer feedback through a revision process
    • Verifying that the customer is happy with the completed project
    • Processing the customer through billing system
  • Training

    Training helps the customer better understand the product they are purchasing from you. When they are comfortable with your product they are more comfortable with your company as well. As a trainer I have been required to have a thorough knowledge of the products I represent. I must be able to provide either a high-level overview or a detailed explanation of products as the situation requires, clearly explaining the differences & benefits of individual products.

    I have had experience training:

    • Large groups
      • Semi-scripted presentations to show how to use, edit websites. Provide basic info for beginners.
    • Small groups
      • More focused training for those who are moderate users. Show more advanced features based off of need and level of expertise of the user.
    • Individuals
      • Train everything from basic functions to advanced editing features. Training was tailored to the needs of the individual.

Product Promotion

You don’t have to be in Sales to sell the product of your company. Representing your company well helps promote the products your company sells. Product Promotion leads to increased exposure and therefore, leads to more sales. I have helped promote the companies I’ve worked for in various ways:

  • Participated in sales discussions to explain the value proposition of offered services
  • Helped promote company news through social media efforts
  • Encouraged others to join the team through recruiting

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